"Your style of coaching really makes him feel good about himself and as his dad I can tell you I really appreciate that." 

​​​Rawny McVany

"You have instilled with confidence... Thank you!" - 

Roger Stotts
"Jack has done much better since working with you. He has pitched and hit better and is having so much fun now! Thank you JR" 

​Melissa Bratton
"He provided a structured lessons to better our sons. You can tell he has the students best interest in mind at all times. I recommend you to try him out and I know you will be satisfied. Thank you JR for all your efforts to make my sons better my husband and I truly appreciate you! -

​​Susan Robinson
"J.R. Castillo was my son’s coach while we were at Hill Country Baseball Academy. In a short amount of time, I quickly recognized the good fortune of our opportunity to work with Coach Castillo and the many lessons my son would gain. I believe as a result of working with Coach Castillo, my son has developed a new and broader understanding of the game of baseball that goes well beyond the basics. Example, coaches golden rule, that prior preparation prevents poor performance.

His performance as a coach has always demonstrated a healthy obsession for success. He is disciplined, highly organized, and extremely fair. To his players he has always encouraged maintaining the fun and love of the game as well as work/life balance. Coach Castillo has a valuable skill of setting clear and attainable goals for his players and their parents, along with the ability to communicate his expectations directly giving his players every opportunity to succeed. If correction and criticism is warranted, he captures his players’ attention respectfully, explains clearly the fault, followed with instruction of correction, and closes with genuine encouragement of their ability to succeed. If the situation repeats itself, he always makes certain to offer the player his congratulations of making the correction. This is a methodical process that I have witnessed repeatedly.​

His past experience of coaching offers a wealth of knowledge and opportunities, as he is truly a student of the game and an individual that always works towards perfection. His experience has resulted in a development of a method and process for building strong players and successful teams. J.R. Castillo has a passion for providing a level professionalism and work ethic that result in a dependable and loyal to his clients. He is a tremendous example to all those he coaches and their families.

As a parent, I have grown to respect Coach Castillo for the leadership he has provided my son. I have witnessed a number of players grow in their desire “to work with this coach”, one of which is my own. His demeanor and connection with his players is truly a treasure. I have considered our opportunity to work with Coach Castillo as a unique experience and will continue to turn to him for baseball advice when making decisions concerning my son."-

​​Helen C Phillips
It was a pleasure working with JR Castillo because of the positive effect I feel he has on athletes, parents and other coaches.  Our family met JR in 2010 when we joined Hill Country Baseball Academy.  Our sons Logan and Jackson have utilized JR as a coach, mentor, as well as a fried.  He demonstrated a great work ethic, good leadership abilities and a high moral standard. He worked hard for our children (and parents) on and off the field.
I can honestly say that his coaching has lead to our sons becoming two of the top players in their divisions at Hill Country Baseball. ​He knew what drove them and what skills needed to be mastered to get to the playing level they needed to achieve to play against higher level players. He not only helped then on the field, but he has open communication with them outside of baseball.  Our youngest son, to this day, still freely texts and calls him to tell him how he is doing in baseball as well as other activities.  We are not the only family that appreciated JR's efforts and coaching abilities.  I had been approached numerous times by new families at how happy they were with JR as a coach and role model for their children. I happily agreed with their assessments and encouraged more families to work with him and be part of his teams. In my many conversations with JR he has shown me time and time again his love for baseball and development of young athletes. JR is not afraid to make the call in different situations that need to be made, for JR knows the meaning of hard work, dedication and discipline. He is confident and will be successful wherever he chooses to go. My husband and I give JR our highest recommendation for he is one incredible coach and individual.

Jill Baker
Austin, Texas​​​​

We want to let you know that Adyn’s baseball skills have greatly improved by taking private lessons from you. He has a better understanding of not just how he needs to throw, catch and swing, but also the physiological fundamentals that his body controls power and ball placement. As with all 10-year olds, sometimes he remembers the skills and at other times he needs that reminder and redirection. Adyn has responded to your coaching style in the one-on-one lessons and on the field. Thank you for your consistent approach with him.

You have also taken the time to develop Adyn’s catching and pitching skills. He never saw himself as a pitcher. Through these lessons you have taken the time to teach him how to pitch. His confidence and “let’s do this” attitude has improved.

While there are many places and people who offer one-on-one baseball lessons we are so glad to have found you and to know that your time and love of the game will improve Adyn’s skills. He too loves the game and we are glad that you are helping to develop him into a versatile ball player.

Richard and Donna Wier
PS We love your technological approach to improve Adyn’s batting techniques.